Industrial & Extreme Cleaning

Kitchen extraction systems & appliances become covered in grease and fats. Maintaine health and safety by using our Industrial Kitchen Degreasing service - Advanced Cleaning Experts, ACE Cleaning, Cavan & Fermanagh, Ireland

Industrial Kitchen Degreasing

Kitchen extraction systems and appliances will become covered in combustible surfaces such as oil and fats over time. If these are not regularly removed the risk of fire increases as deposits accumulate.

It is not always practicable, in a busy kitchen to deep clean the hidden areas such as pulling out heavy equipment in order to clean behind and cleaning the high level work such as the filters and extraction equipment as kitchen staff are usually not insured to be working at height. As such it is usually necessary to bring in specialist cleaning staff to thoroughly degrease these areas.

Regular deep cleaning of your commercial kitchen will ensure not only do you maintain optimum standards of hygiene for your customers and the local Health Inspectors but will also ensure that you operate within the requirements of your Insurance by demonstrating that you are taking all steps to keep all risks to an absolute minimum.
Extreme cleaning service from  Advanced Cleaning Experts, ACE Cleaning, Cavan & Fermanagh, Ireland

Extreme Cleaning

Extreme cleans can be needed when the type of cleaning required involves bio-hazards or where the sheer amount of cleaning required is overwhelming. Our staff are trained to go into a property wearing the correct protective equipment to locate, secure and safely dispose of contaminated contents, before thoroughly cleaning & disinfecting the property.

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